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Our company has 1 R&D building, 1 glass equipment semi-works with 20L-50L, 3 standard semi-works from 100L to 5000L. All these are well equipped with electric power facilities, vapor facilities, refrigeration equipment, water supply facilities, sewage treatment system and fire-fighting device. The R&D building is divided into 3 functional blocks, R&D center, analysis and testing center, administration center. In R&D center, there are common laboratory equipments, high-pressure reaction still, low-temperature reaction tank(-100℃), reflux ratio adjustable high-efficiency rectification device. Analysis and testing center is equipped with multiple varieties of analysis and testing facilities, for example, gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, rotation tester, moisture tester, meting point tester, rotation, spectrophotometer. In addition, there is headspace sampling machine and automatic sampling machine, PDA tester, exclusive used liquid chromatogram and chiral chromatographic column. In semi-works, there are dozens of enamel, stainless steel and carbon steel reaction stills from 100L to 5000L. There are rectifying columns, centrifugal machines, filtering pressuring tanks, ultrafilter, low temperature freezing bath and high temperature hot oil bath. There is a set of low-temperature reaction equipment and several sets of middle pressure and low pressure hydrogenation equipments.


There are 4 green technological innovation R&D centers of fine chemicals, including, medical chemical technology center, green chemical technology center, new type dyes technology center and new type surface active agent and additive center; 4 pilot test bases of scientific research achievements transfer, including, medical chemical base, new type dyes, pigment and intermediate, new type surface active agent and new type high-polymer material synthesis.; and 3 technology innovation service center, including, testing center, technology information consultant and service center, and human resource training center.



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